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Reply Mark Cooper
4:17 AM on January 28, 2014 
Taxi list .
If you use the list at ashchurch to order a taxi you get a private hire car not a taxi.
I came to Tewkesbury for a meeting and called a number from what I thought was a very useful list.
NOT THE CASE. RUBISH car was very late (25min), car was dirty, very rude driver, In London if you advertise a Taxi you get a Taxi Just how safe are private hire mini cabs.
Reply Robert millar
4:01 PM on September 25, 2013 
We live in SotW so ash4tew is our local for travel to Cardiff. Mrs Millar goes to Cardiff last Friday with daughter in tow returning to Cardiff Uni. Buys return to ash4tew, but train cancelled. Great. Next train arrives 2200 hrs, with original due at 1940hrs. The services calling at Ash4Tewkes is a total joke. After all the cost and battle to rebuild the station, it's local to the M5 and the potential for south WORCS and NORTH GLOS customers! Yes Nth Glos Parkway is what we have, but as for a train service to make it work???!!
Reply Robert
7:57 AM on May 3, 2013 
I commute to Cardiff from Upton upon Severn. The sooner more XCountry trains stop at Ashchurch the better! Also I go to Birmingham regularly and a later night train back home would be good. Again XCountry.

In the meantime I use the car for both journeys but occasionally use XCountry Gloucester to Cardiff but distance to Gloucester makes it mostly impractical.

Good luck with persuading XCountry; they have been persuaded to stop at Lyndey/Chepstow despite Arrive Wales already stopping at these stations.
Reply John
7:18 AM on January 30, 2013 
I live in Stonehouse but work in Tewkesbury, we are lucky enough at our small station has an hourly service to London (direct every 2hrs), I would support the extension of the Swindon to Cheltenham service to Ashchurch as currently it would take me and hour and a half to get to work by train, whereas by car only takes 20min. Here in Stonehouse it is evident that because the availability is there the service gets used, a regular service for Ashchurch would do the same I feel. Surely with the possible redevelopment to the MOD site there would be an even greater chance to improve the service.
Reply Robert
5:00 PM on August 5, 2011 
Having just joined "Twitter" and finding nothing promoting ATDRPG on there, I have taken the liberty of making several "tweets" including a #hashtag:


I have taken a further liberty of registering this #hashtag on as being for community use (that was the best option on the drop-down menu), promoting use of the station and additional trains and mentioning the ATDRPG specifically.

It would be rather fun if we could get the #AshchurchForTewkesbury trending on Twitter!

Reply Robert
7:14 AM on May 21, 2011 
One simple promotion measure would have the buses calling at the station saying "Ashchurch Station" on them!
Reply peter mulley
8:43 PM on April 20, 2011 
I suggest your station should be named Tewkesbury M5 Parkway but there needs to be adequate parking and at least an hourly clockface service, half hourly would be better. I have looked at using it but the frequency is the problem, and I live in Cornwall. (Secretary Railfuture Devon and Cornwall but these are my views)
Reply ATDRPG Support Ashchurch station
2:34 PM on March 30, 2011 
Dave, I'm afraid that the 18:32 is Sundays only. We are talking to the train operators about having more peak services to/from Worcester so your comments are very useful in helping them realise the level of demand. Best wishes,
Reply Brompton Dave
8:56 AM on March 30, 2011 
Sorry ... didn't know abot the 18.32 train from ASC to WOS that is running from 3rd April until 15th May. I will use it probably once a week instead of the car. I wouldn't have known about it at all if it was not for this site. Keep up the good work.
Reply Brompton Dave
8:40 AM on March 30, 2011 
I use Ashchurch for Tewkesbury station almost every work day and I support the petition for a name change to Tewkesbury Parkway. I would like the group to push for two extra services to the station from WOS in the morning and evening rush hours ie. 07.57 from WOS and 18.57 to WOS. Please note I am not asking for a wholesale shift to hourly services - just an increase when it matters. It would really help my work colleagues and I to use the station more. Thanks.